With our snorkeling tours off of Waikiki, you may see the famous Turtle Canyon reef, home to several Hawaiian green sea turtles. Our guests have the opportunity to swim alongside some of Hawaii’s largest turtles every afternoon when we take them to the reef. You may watch in awe as they move effortlessly through the water, displaying an impressive display of grace and power.

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The gathering spot is above the turtle cleaning station, beyond the surf line. With our mooring in place, we are able to go within touching distance of these magnificent animals. However, the encounter with the turtles is just one aspect of the rich aquatic life.

Turtle Snorkeling tour in Hawaii

How about spending half a day snorkeling with turtles at Oahu’s most well-known location? If you’re looking for a great snorkeling spot close to Waikiki Beach, look no farther than Turtle Canyon. The snorkeling excursion at Turtle Canyon is one of the most popular in Waikiki since it is safe, serene, and centrally accessible.