First Time Scuba Diving Honolulu

Our friends at Scuba Waikiki offer a tour with no experience required to safely go scuba diving in Honolulu Hawaii. First time scuba diving is safe, easy and fun for the entire family. Scuba diving boat charters our offer daily at 9:30 AM and 1:30 PM. Check out even more important information on scuba diving tours in Honolulu. See some more amazing beginner SCUBA Videos. This first time scuba diving…

Scuba Diving On Shipwrecks

Nothing is more exciting than exploring a shipwreck 100′ underwater in Honolulu. With Rainbow Scuba Hawaii, certified divers can enjoy this two tank shipwreck/reef dive boat charter located in Honolulu. It’s certainly something a diver visiting Hawaii does not want to miss! If interested in seeing more exciting shipwreck exploration see some video taken on the Sea Tiger shipwreck.