Try SCUBA in Waikiki Beginner Dive

Are ready to try scuba diving? Waikiki is an ideal location to discover the excitement of scuba diving. After some brief instruction and practice of basic skills you’re ready to try scuba diving in Waikiki. Relax and enjoy the incredible underwater sea life on your first introductory scuba experience.

Daily Oahu scuba diving tours

Daily Oahu scuba diving tours for first time scuba and certified scuba divers. The Private Snorkel and Diving boat is exclusive use for up to 6 passengers. Enjoy SCUBA diving on the best shipwrecks and reefs in Honolulu Hawaii.

Certified Scuba Diving In Honolulu

Certified scuba dive 2 tank includes equipment. Visit the Sea Tiger wreck followed by shallower reef dive. Includes vide on the tour. In conclusion, this SCUBA dive is something you certainly want to experience on your vacation in Waikiki Shipwreck Tour Exploration In Honolulu