A Beautiful Blend of Exploration and Relaxation in Honolulu

There’s no better way to soak in the marvels of Hawaiian afternoons than embarking on a snorkeling adventure with Honolulu Snorkeling Tours. Nestled in Honolulu’s Kewalo Basin boat harbor, we offer the unique experience of swimming with tropical turtles, all a stone’s throw away from the buzzing Waikiki district.

Waikiki snorkeling offers you the perfect setting to unwind with loved ones. Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of the ocean, share some unforgettable moments, and cherish the leisurely pace of Hawaiian afternoons. The journey begins at the Kewalo Basin boat dock, situated only a few minutes away from the ultimate snorkeling destination – Turtle Canyon reef.

The Voyage and Companions

With Honolulu Snorkeling Tours, each journey is graced by the playful presence of Waikiki’s friendly dolphins. As we navigate our boat, the Stugots, towards the Turtle Canyon reef, the delightful dolphins often tag along, making the voyage even more memorable.

Honolulu Snorkeling Tours An Unforgettable Journey
Honolulu Snorkeling Tours An Unforgettable Journey

We aim to provide a seamless snorkeling experience. That’s why we offer everything you need for snorkeling on board the Stugots. All you need to bring along is a towel and the spirit of adventure!

Discover the Mysteries of Turtle Canyon Reef

A snorkeling tour with us transports you to the popular spot of Waikiki’s Turtle Canyon reef, famed for its large Hawaiian green sea turtles. Every afternoon, we send our guests to the reef to swim with some of Hawaii’s largest turtles. You’ll witness them gliding gracefully through the water, creating a spectacle of serenity and strength.

The rendezvous point is just beyond the surf line, above the turtle cleaning station. We have a mooring set up there, which facilitates close encounters with these majestic creatures. Yet, the turtle experience is only a part of the vibrant marine life.

  • Explore the massive schools of black triggerfish
  • Encounter the diversity of marine life up close
  • Engage with the unique underwater ecosystem

A trip with Honolulu Snorkeling Tours is more than just a snorkeling excursion. It’s an intimate experience with nature, a journey to discover the vibrant underwater world, and a perfect way to create cherished memories. Book your adventure today, and experience the magic of Waikiki’s Turtle Canyon reef.