On the Discovery Channel people often see sunken boats and shipwrecks on scuba diving documentaries, we offer these kinds of shipwreck tours daily. You will have an amazing time wreck diving in Honolulu and exploring sthe shipwrecks. The wreck diving in Honolulu start promptly at 9:30 am. Once onboard we will head a short distance out to the shipwreck dive site. Be sure to check out the wrecks we dive daily on our YouTube channel.

As a concern for safety, we seriously consider all wreck diving in Honolulu as an advanced scuba dive and should only be done with a qualified SCUBA instructor. The exception is if you are familiar with the wreck and the inherent dangers of shipwreck diving. Still scuba diving on shipwrecks in Honolulu can be dangerous even for trained scuba divers . Some days strong currents and rough surface conditions prevail. Not to mention the fact that you will most likely be penetrating certain areas of the wreck. It is critical that the dive be properly planned and executed in a safe matter considering 100 foot is a common shipwreck depth in Honolulu.

Honolulu shipwreck exploration
Honolulu shipwreck exploration

Wreck Diving in Hawaii

The shipwrecks in Honolulu are very rusty, having metal and sharp barnacles throughout the dive and also require some caution. The Moray eels also love these types of artificial homes and can be found in almost any hole or pipe on the wreck thus raising the danger factor a little bit more. Wearing gloves is a great idea for protection on the shipwreck however eels with their razor sharp teeth will have no problem slicing through neoprene gloves making those gloves useless.

Bottom times vary on the shipwrecks here in Honolulu, take for example the Sea Tiger wreck. This shipwreck is the best wreck dive in Hawaii, around 120 feet at the sand, but there are numerous levels to finish up the dive and deck level is at about 100 feet underwater. The average overall dive time on the Sea Tiger is 20 minutes of bottom time and a 3 minute safety stop. Overall this wreck is a great dive and usually has plenty of sea life to observe.