If looking for first time scuba diving tours in Honolulu, then Rainbow Scuba Hawaii is the company to see. What could be better than scuba diving in Hawaii? The Honolulu scuba diving tour conditions are very consistent throughout the year. Honolulu’s average water temperature is around 78 degrees and its surface temperature is about 84 degrees Fahrenheit. Another great feature of Honolulu’s water is it that the visibility underwater is on average about 50 to 100 feet.  Dive with us and experience the warm clear water of Honolulu.

Honolulu is known for surfing and honeymoons but certified and first time divers can experience the best SCUBA diving in Honolulu. Rainbow Scuba Hawaii has daily dive boat charters for Advanced or Beginner SCUBA divers and even Snorkeling tours.

Beginner Scuba Diving In Honolulu

One of the best and most popular activities offered in Honolulu is the beginner scuba tour.