A snorkeling excursion with Honolulu Snorkeling Tours is the best way to take in the wonders of Hawaiian afternoons. We provide the rare opportunity to swim with tropical turtles, just a short distance from Honolulu’s thriving Waikiki neighborhood. Our facility is tucked away in the Kewalo Basin boat dock.

You may spend quality time with loved ones while snorkeling in Waikiki. Enjoy the relaxed pace of Hawaiian afternoons while immersing yourself in the tranquility of the water and sharing some wonderful moments. The tour starts at the Kewalo Basin boat pier, which is only a few minutes’ drive from Turtle Canyon reef, the finest snorkeling location.

Dive and Snorkel with Turtles in Waikiki

Everyone on vacation wants to dive and snorkel with turtles in Waikiki. Snorkeling in Waikiki is one of the best tours your family or group of friends can enjoy together. In conclusion, private snorkeling tours in Waikiki are truly the best value for money.