Coral Crater is located on the island of Oahu in Kapolei. The theme of Coral Crater Adventure Park is adventure. We feel that exhilarating, family-friendly activities such as a 25-mph zip line, an off-road side-by-side ATV inverted on a banked turn, and a 50-foot free fall can be included.

We created Coral Crater to provide enjoyable and intriguing challenges that will get you outside and moving. Ride a Coral Crater zipline at over 30 mph, learn to drive on a berm on an ATV, scale a 50-foot climbing wall, free fall from a tower, and prove you’re a ninja warrior. The entire family will enjoy exhilarating rides, thrilling challenges, challenging hurdles, games, and authentic local cuisine.

Everyone will find something to their liking. Discover for yourself at Coral Crater Adventure Park, which offers Oahu ATV rides, an aerial obstacle course, an Oahu zipline, and much more!