Honolulu Hawaii scuba diving

You can experience a scuba dive tour in Honolulu with giant sea turtles about. Easy safe and fun scuba diving tour in Hawaii for the whole family ages 10+ while on vacation in Hawaii. Free underwater pictures and videos of your underwater adventure.

What SCUBA diving in Waikiki is like

It is truly an e experience like no other diving the coral reefs of Waikiki with huge Hawaiian green sea turtles. Also amazing is the vast assortment of colorful tropical fish on the coral reefs. In conclusion, first-time diving in Waikiki is something you do not want to miss out on your Hawaiian vacation.

First time turtle scuba diving tours

What can be more exciting than trying scuba for the first time and diving with turtles. Discover the thrill of scuba diving 40 feet underwater encountering giant sea turtles, small reef sharks and octopus. Even children as young as 10 years old can experience scuba diving in Waikiki.

Best Turtle Snorkeling Locations

Honolulu Snorkeling Tours offers an amazing location for snorkeling with huge Hawaiian green sea turtles. Snorkeling tours in Honolulu are often the most fun youngsters have while on vacation in Hawaii. Seeing the turtles is exciting, but snorkeling puts this tour over the top for most of our guests. Above all, snorkeling in Honolulu with green sea turtles is the top rated tour for family fun in Hawaii. This snorkeling site…

Snorkeling With Turtles In Honolulu

Afternoon’s in Hawaii are made for relaxing on a turtle snorkeling tour in the tropical waters. I know of no better way than to snorkel in Waikiki with friends and family for a refreshing afternoon. Leaving from the Kewalo Basin boat harbor, our destination in Waikiki for snorkeling with turtles is just minutes away. Often the playful dolphins in Waikiki follow us on our adventure to the Turtle Canyon reef.…

The 5 Best Honolulu Hiking Trails

If you like to explore, here is a list of the best Honolulu hiking trails that we enjoy. Hiking in Honolulu is exhilarating, fresh clean air, sunshine and light tropical breezes. 1. Moana Falls Nature Hike, This is by far the most enjoyable and memorable 1.6 mile roundtrip hike here in Honolulu. Walking through a rainforest is located just 20 minutes away from Waikiki and downtown Honolulu, it’s a popular…