Scuba diving charters

Beginner dive boat charters for First time SCUBA diving in Honolulu. No prior scuba experience required to safely try scuba diving in Honolulu. Our scuba diver lessons will safely guide you on a dive to a depth of up to 40 feet underwater. The Scuba scuba turtle includes two Honolulu scuba dive sites for approximately 30-50 minutes on average for each dive.

Turtle Snorkel Tour

Hawaii is know for surfing and honeymoon but certified and first time divers can experience the best SCUBA diving in Honolulu. Rainbow Scuba Hawaii has daily dive boat charters for Advanced or Beginner SCUBA divers and even Snorkeling tours.

Hawaii SCUBA diving

Yet again, another awesome day for scuba diving in Honolulu on the Horseshoe reef. Two dives with depth of around 40’ underwater, water temp of 79 degrees and calm seas today. The first time divers encountered several sea turtles, eels and some huge schools of fish.

Try scuba diving in Hawaii

Go scuba diving in Hawaii without certification, no prior experience required. Easier, safer and way more enjoyable than snorkeling. Discover for yourself why scuba diving in Hawaii is amazing with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii.

Beginner Scuba diving sites in Honolulu

Our has several excellent available for scuba divers, we have comprised our list of the 5 best beginner scuba diving sites in Honolulu. Yes it’s true, first time scuba divers fare many obstacles and challenges, having the best dive site will increase safety, fun and marine life encounters while scuba diving.

Honolulu Scuba Diving

Enjoy SCUBA diving on the best shipwrecks and reefs in Honolulu Hawaii. Safe dive sites for the entire family, both certified as well First time divers from our private dive boat. Hawaii is one of the safest locations to try scuba diving in the world.