First time scuba diving

Try SCUBA in Honolulu. 2 dives from from boat for first time divers, no experience required. Includes equipment rental and expert instruction. Departing from the Kewalo Basin boat harbor daily.

Scuba diving First time in Waikiki

Amazing experience scuba diving for first time. Nothing is truly more exciting than your first time scuba diving in Waikiki Hawaii. Relax and enjoy the incredible underwater sea life on your first introductory scuba experience.

Diving with Hawaiian green sea turtles

You can diving with Hawaiian green sea turtles and Hawaii octopus with moray eels while on scuba dive tour in Honolulu Hawaii. Departing from the Kewalo Basin boat harbor daily at 09:30, 13:30 and night dives in Honolulu at 18:30. Small group sizes and experienced dive instructors will guide you on two dive sites.

First time SCUBA dive tour in Honolulu

Beginner dive boat charter First time SCUBA diving in Honolulu. No prior scuba experience required to safely try scuba diving in Honolulu. Our scuba diver lessons will safely guide you on a dive to a depth of up to 40 feet underwater.

Honolulu Private Sailing Lessons

Many people imagine living a life of sailing and experiencing the adventure of one day sailing to far-off places. It’s crucial to realize that reality frequently diverges from dreams. Therefore, come sailing with me and start or continue acquiring the skills with Hawaii private sailing lessons. This will boost your confidence and bring you a ton of happiness as you succeed before you go out and buy that boat. You’ll…

Cost of SCUBA Diving in Waikiki

In conclusion, SCUBA diving for first time divers looks awesome but you may ask‘’what does scuba diving in Honolulu cost “. In fact, reservations have never been easier with our new online booking calendar.