Honolulu Sunset Cruise And Sail

Enjoy a 2 hour sunset sail while leaving the hustle of Waikiki behind!  As the sun dips below the horizon it will color the sky with shades of orange and pink. Watch as the color contrasts against the deep blue ocean. Then the Honolulu City Lights will illuminate the Waikiki shoreline. The night views of Waikiki on our sunset sail is a sight that few get to experience while on vacation in Hawaii.  Guests are welcome to BYOB but…

Turtle dive tour in Waikiki Hawaii

Turtles, turtles and yes more turtles today with some amazing first time scuba divers. For first time scuba divers what can be more exciting than encountering Hawaiian green sea turtles? The beginner first time scuba tour is an ideal activity for the whole family to enjoy.

Honolulu’s Turtle Canyon Snorkel Tour

Put on a mask and fins and go swimming with the turtles if you ever find yourself in Honolulu on a sunny afternoon. Why? Life is too short to do mundane things, and we at Honolulu Snorkeling Tours couldn’t agree more. Located in Honolulu’s Kewalo Basin boat harbor, we transform your average snorkeling experience into a romantic comedy starring you, your loved ones, and the local marine life. Are you…

Hawaii SCUBA diving

Yet again, another awesome day for scuba diving in Honolulu on the Horseshoe reef. Two dives with depth of around 40’ underwater, water temp of 79 degrees and calm seas today. The first time divers encountered several sea turtles, eels and some huge schools of fish.

Scuba Diving prices

We offer the best scuba diving tours in Honolulu. We feature beginner first time scuba diving, PADI scuba certifications and in addition shipwreck exploration dives. The cost of SCUBA diving with us is the lowest in Honolulu Hawaii. Try SCUBA diving in Honolulu and above, conclude for your self why diving with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii is amazing! Activity Price Two Tank Boat Charter, First Time Scuba $150.00 Two Tank Shipwreck/Reef Certified Divers. …

Turtle Snorkeling tour in Honolulu

With our snorkeling tours off of Waikiki, you may see the famous Turtle Canyon reef, home to several Hawaiian green sea turtles. Our guests have the opportunity to swim alongside some of Hawaii’s largest turtles every afternoon when we take them to the reef. You may watch in awe as they move effortlessly through the water, displaying an impressive display of grace and power. The gathering spot is above the…

Try scuba diving in Hawaii

Go scuba diving in Hawaii without certification, no prior experience required. Easier, safer and way more enjoyable than snorkeling. Discover for yourself why scuba diving in Hawaii is amazing with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii.

Honolulu’s top 5 SCUBA diving locations

Why choose a dive company in Honolulu that doesn’t even own a boat? Most dive companies in Honolulu use a shared dive boat and are not able to choose the dive site best suited for first time divers. We have owned and exclusively operated our dive boat in Honolulu for years Rainbow Scuba Hawaii makes all decisions on the best dive site suited for beginner divers.

Beginner Scuba diving sites in Honolulu

Our has several excellent available for scuba divers, we have comprised our list of the 5 best beginner scuba diving sites in Honolulu. Yes it’s true, first time scuba divers fare many obstacles and challenges, having the best dive site will increase safety, fun and marine life encounters while scuba diving.