Turtle dive First time SCUBA Honolulu

The first time scuba divers breezed through the safety briefing and underwater skills with ease. Most importantly, superior swimming skills are not required to try scuba diving for the first time but being comfortable and confident in the ocean are.

Waikiki First Time SCUBA

No experience required for first time scuba diving tour in Waikiki Hawaii. Participants should be very comfortable with swimming in the Ocean and a positive attitude to lean scuba diving. Our instructions have been diving in Hawaii for over 20+ years. Ensuring your safety and enjoyment is our main job.

Try SCUBA in Waikiki Hawaii Beginner dive

Waikiki is an ideal location to discover the excitement of scuba diving. Imagine being 40 feet underwater diving with huge Hawaiian green sea turtles and schools of reef fish. After some brief instruction and practice of basic skills you’re ready to try scuba diving in Waikiki.

SCUBA diving with Turtles

Discover scuba diving with turtles in Honolulu. Safe easy fun for the entire family on vacation in Honolulu Hawaii. No experience required to safely try scuba diving in Honolulu. After learning the necessary dive skills our SCUBA instructors will guide you on two reef dives at a depth around 40’ underwater.

Scuba diving charters

Beginner dive boat charters for First time SCUBA diving in Honolulu. No prior scuba experience required to safely try scuba diving in Honolulu. Our scuba diver lessons will safely guide you on a dive to a depth of up to 40 feet underwater. The Scuba scuba turtle includes two Honolulu scuba dive sites for approximately 30-50 minutes on average for each dive.

Certified SCUBA diving

The shipwreck and reef combo tour is truly the best dive two dive sites available here in Honolulu Hawaii. These dive locations are great for underwater photography and most importantly, amazing encounters with marine life. Price includes two dive sites, shipwreck followed by a reef location and required dive equipment.

Bottom Fishing Tricks In Honolulu

People often ask us why we catch so much fish and what are the tricks to bottom fishing in Honolulu. Experience is most important but to be honest it’s a big ocean and luck is part of it as well. Knowledge of spots the fish bite best is one of our best and most sought after secrets. Great fishing gear and special lures suited for Honolulu’s waters are another of…