Hawaii Jungle Tour

Hawaii Jungle Tour Oahu

Hawaii Jungle Tour Island of Oahu You won’t believe how beautiful some of these waterfalls are! You’ll hike into the lush valleys of Oahu’s landscape and explore the exotic flora, fauna and fruit that thrives in abundance. Get ready for an adventure with this Waterfall Tour and get some amazing pictures to show your friends […]

city lights tour Honolulu

City Lights Tour Honolulu Hawaii

City Lights Tour Honolulu Hawaii Tantalus Lookout Puu Ualakaa State Park is a must on your list when visiting Oahu. It is a 1,048-ft. hill, located at the end of Round Hill Drive. Tons of tourists come to this park to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and to enjoy the spectacular […]

circle island tour

Circle Island Tour Oahu Hawaii

Circle Island Tour Oahu Hawaii The Circle Island tour is a fantastic introduction to the island of Oahu. The 6 hour Island tour takes you to some of Oahu’s most popular landmarks and lookouts. Oahu’s diverse landscapes are some of the most breathtaking in the island chain. Experience the jagged coastlines to sprawling sandy beaches, […]

Parachute Oahu skydive Hawaii

Parachute Oahu Skydive Hawaii

Skydive Hawaii with Oahu Parachute center Oahu Parachute Center is currently offering the lowest cost tandems and novice skydivers to skydive Hawaii! The plane is excellent for jump teams and also large groups to shydive Hawaii. Therefore we have little to no wait times thanks to our speedy aircraft. faster than any skydiving aircraft in […]

Private Snorkeling Boat

Private Snorkeling Boat Tour Honolulu

Hawaii Private Snorkeling Boat Honolulu What is the best Snorkeling Boat location for seeing Turtles? Snorkel boat Adventure Tour at Waikiki’s Turtle Canyon reef. Located in Honolulu by the famous Diamond Head crater. Furthermore your group can snorkel with huge Hawaiian green sea turtles and numerous species of tropical Hawaiian fish. Overall it’s a fun […]

Fireworks cruise Honolulu

Hawaii Fireworks Cruise Honolulu

Fireworks Cruise Honolulu Hawaii Enjoy the best seat in the house and experiencing the Friday Waikiki Fireworks Cruise Honolulu on a private charter boat. Up to six participants can enjoy the spectacular display of Fireworks. Our cruise Leaves the Kewalo Basin harbor at 7:00pm. We will then venture close to the Waikiki shoreline and you’ll […]

Shark Encounter Hawaii

Shark Encounter Hawaii Adventure

Shark Encounter Hawaii Adventure An incredible Shark Encounter Hawaii Adventure you’ll never forget! Experience the thrill of a lifetime while on your Hawaiian vacation. Furthermore there are no required diving experience on this Shark Encounter Hawaii Adventure. But just because everyone can do it, does not mean the highly experienced diver will be bored! From […]

Parasail Honolulu

Parasail Honolulu Hawaii

Parasail Honolulu Hawaii Exciting Parasail Honolulu water sports adventure tour, hence A thrilling experience you will not want to miss here in Hawaii! Imagine your flying 1,000 feet high on the tow line! This awesome parasail tour allows you and/or friend to enjoy most of all, breathtaking views of Honolulu’s Diamond Head and Waikiki beach. […]